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Summer Recognition

b2ap3_thumbnail_Facebook-20150712-090850.jpgOrganized sports may be experiencing a temporary lull. Business may be booming and too busy (tourist season) or flat and coasting (not tourist season). Even if this is the case, summer has its moments that need to be recognized and applauded, with or without an award. See if you qualify. 

10 points for each of the following: (200 total points) 


  • You took your family on vacation.
  • You went for a day or more without digital connection of any kind.
  • You endured 90 degrees temps without AC for two or more hours without saying “I'm so hot.”
  • You have eaten half a watermelon in one sitting.
  • You have tried a new summer sport or activity.
  • You watched fireworks on the 4th (July, of course).
  • You have gotten a shorter haircut.
  • You have worn shorts or a bathing suit more than ten times.
  • You have been in a boat.
  • You have watched an early sunrise.
  • You have watched a late sunset.
  • You have had a long, relaxed conversation with a family member.
  • You have read a book.
  • You have washed your athletic shoes (they should need it!)
  • You aren't counting the days until school starts.
  • Your weight has stayed steady, or decreased.
  • You have beach sand in your car.
  • You have eaten an ice cream cone (doesn't count if in a dish)
  • You have taken a picture of the most gorgeous flowers you've ever seen.
  • You have been outside and completely wet (rain, pool, lake, doesn't matter) 


So how did you do?

Less than 50      Hey, it's summer already! Get going.

50 – 100             Better. You're trying, but don't brag.

110-150             You're having a pretty good summer, and still have a month and a half left

Above 150          You rock! There should be an award with your name on it, seriously!





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