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Isn't it nice when people get along and help each other by sharing their talents? (Think how you would like your kids to act...) One great example of this is Apple Awards business relationship with Norvado, Northwest Wisconsin's premiere local broadband technology provider. Their services keep Apple Awards computers online receiving your orders and those VoiP phone systems taking your calls. You can visit their website at or like their facebook page at 

Recently Apple Awards was able to reciprocate in the technology sharing by helping Norvado honor one of their board of directors, retiring after 39 years of service.  Howard Sibbald received a full color plaque fashioned by Apple Awards new UV printer. The printing process used on this plaque is a thick UV ink that is cured with a UV light. The ink hardens to become virtually indestructible. It also withstands almost all cleaning solvents and up to five years of outside exposure and adheres to most substrates. The process produces incredible resolution with crisp and brilliant colors. High quality logos and photographs may be beautifully recreated on name badges, plaques, signs, tiles and more.





Congratulations to Mr. Sibbald for his years of service! Thank you Norvado for permission to use this story, ... and for getting along so well.


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