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What They Were Really Doing, Part 2


It's been a month since the boss went away on vacation and i dropped in to see what went on in his absence (see post All in Fun) He's been back for a while now and today he was busy plowing a foot of clean, white snow from the Apple Awards parking lot. Winter cold has descended. But inside the workplace it is warm and busy. One of the warmest commodities is the customer service offered by all working there. Let me give an example.


Apple Awards has gone through several transformations to become what it is at present. In a former stage, in a different location and under the business name Precious Moments, it offered services and products to clients which it has phased out and no longer offers or advertises. Long term employee Stacey had helped a particular client with a complicated, recurring order and had gotten to be a valuable resource for the client.


What to do when the business decision was made not to solicit time intensive orders of this kind any more? Well, you continue to work with a client who has come to depend on your expertise. Every year since, Stacey has worked to fill this order, not only to supply product, but also conferring with the client and helping to organize the order and making sure it is accurate. I happened on Stacey a few weeks ago as she was wrapping up the order – it was her project and she cheerfully explained why she was doing it. It is just the way Apple Awards treats their customers. And that is one of the reasons it is nice and warm inside Apple Awards, in every way.  


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A Relationship is More Than a Building

Famous Daves restaurant destroyed by fire

Photo by permission of Sawyer County Record, Hayward, Wisconsin


Up in flames.  Headlines in local papers on November 3 showed the fiery demise of Famous Daves restaurant in Hayward, Wisconsin. Or rather, the demise of a building that housed the restaurant.  The beautiful location of the first and original Famous Daves BBQ was on Round Lake just a few miles from my home.  Since it opened in 1994 I've eaten there numerous times, had relatives who worked there, and been the recipient of the owner's generosity.  

In the 20 years since it's inception Famous Daves has taken on a life of it's own, become a corporation with publicly traded stock and over 190 franchise locations. It has become a local legendary success story because it all started in Hayward, with a dream. Dave Anderson, who owned only the original location which is now in ashes has encouraged employees with plans to start serving his barbecue recipe out of a pole building on his farm if necessary until the restaurant can be rebuilt.  And if he does, I will eat there, for sure.

It was sixteen years ago that Apple Awards began a business relationship with Famous Daves, one that has continued through the years.  Apple Awards owner, Dennis Smith has this to say about that relationship,

"This restaurant has been a customer of ours for 16 of their 20 years.  We want to show our gratitude and condolences to Dave and all their staff and hopefully will be able to find a way that we can give back and help them rebuild and get their employees back to work."

And when they get back to work, serving the best barbecue in northern Wisconsin,  I'm guessing they will still be wearing name tags like this...


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