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Who is Apple Awards, what do we do and how can we help you honor and recognize achievement and loyalty to your organization and the people closest to you?

March Madness

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_20150222_082216_410.jpgFor well over a decade Apple Awards has had the privilege of providing awards for the Great Northwest Basketball  league and the hundreds of teams involved in this great organization. Each year they host the Wisconsin State tournament for grades 5 through 8. We have been supplying the awards for this tournament every year since its inception.

This year we are proud to offer them a whole new design, compliments of our new direct color UV Printer. This printer offers an incredibly high quality, full color printing on virtually any substrate including these solid walnut WI shaped plaques and medallions.


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I Order An Apple (easy, anybody can do it)

b2ap3_thumbnail_diamond-cut-crystal-apple-14d.jpgThinking a lot today about the value of recognition. I've known quite a few remarkable individuals over the years and have tried to express appreciation to them in various ways, but today I'm wondering what it would be like to let my appreciation be told through Apple Awards. I think I'll order an apple...


Ready,. set, go

Hello website: pretty simple to find and know I'm in the right place. Hmm... side bar has a lot of options but I think I'll go for the signature “crystal apple”.


Next step:

I need to match the product to it's recipient. My favorite teacher is a high school guidance counselor who is under the stress of carrying out what they refer to as ObamaCore (Common Core) guidelines. There is some change to be grappled with every day just with policies and procedures, let alone the problems the students present. And for years she has volunteered many hours a week to teach a Bible class with over 100 women attending. I want her to have something truly beautiful that will lift her spirits (and everyone else's) every time it's seen. I'm choosing the diamond cut apple. It will catch the light - the product description gives me a good idea of what it will look like on her desk. A note appears telling me that this is a unique item made exclusively by Apple Awards. I love it.



I do a “one click” and my available lines of engraving appear with choices of font and letter size. I'm happy to be able to play around with the arrangement and see a preview of the label every time I change it. We are good to go here.



The website prompts help me navigate through payment, billing and shipping information. As I do the final “submit” a note pops up, asking me to click only once and then be patient while the server responds. Good to know.



Within minutes I have a confirmation email with greetings from Stacy Hessel, the customer service specialist. My order number and an estimated shipping date are included. A short sentence encourages me to present questions or concerns and because her sign off signature includes “with smiles”,  I think she means it.


 My friend Joy is a special person in my life right now, and although I can't afford to buy something of this quality for everyone who fits that description, I know this will make a statement to Joy that will be worth every penny.

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I Value You

b2ap3_thumbnail_awesome.jpgSo, don't we all want to hear that?  How valuable we are to some person, place or organization? Didn't it start when you were a kid wanting to hear from a parent that you were great and that they loved you? Or maybe even before then - like in the crib?  It's possible because we are born looking for approval and some people clash with and agonize over that drive their whole lives. 

 Recognition is a big deal these days. Thinking about this topic, I found articles all over the internet about recognition and it's value to organizations and businesses.  For instance, take Nordstrom department store. I have a family member who has been employed by them for over ten years.  I mark her journey with this company by the many phone calls and texts -

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG954720.jpg "mom, I got manager of the month",

"my department was highest in sales!",

"mom, there was a ceremony and the whole department was there".

"this happened today" 

It's been pretty obvious that this company has developed a whole culture around recognition. They do it because it is necessary for employee satisfaction and retention. 

 Satisfaction and retention, think about that...  Maybe we should have more of that "culture of recognition" in our work lives, in our educational institutions and maybe even in our families.  Who can you recognize and commend today?

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

b2ap3_thumbnail_20140527_134203_20140619-123645_1.jpg(Excuse my grammar.) Your next question after "how do you like them?" might be "why would someone  want to have one?" Forget about mother Eve - she shouldn't have wanted the apple she got - and don't ask Snow White either, poor thing. So how has the apple come to be a symbol of excellence and accomplishment in education? Good question.


Since Apple Awards as a business focuses on awards for educators of all varieties let's look at some of the traditions behind the "apple for the teacher" angle.  


Some sources say that as early as the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries people who taught and were poorly paid sometimes received their wages in the form of food items – primarily potatoes and apples. I guess if an apple a day really does keep the doctor away that would have been a pretty good deal. By the late 1800's it was a popular custom in the U.S. to give an apple to the teacher on the first day of school, but now it was more a token of appreciation for their services. It's continued into the 20th and 21st centuries – a custom we share with other countries (Denmark and Sweden). The apple must be a beauty and freshly polished.


Of course there are always those who would use the token for their own advancement – hence the term “apple polisher” came into use in the 1920's. When you learned your alphabet, what did “A” stand for? Not arugula, not acrobat, not airplane... yup, apple. So if you wanted an A grade in your schoolwork you might try bribing the teacher with an apple, if you were that kind of student.


And to prove the apple's popularity to coerce, in 1939 out came the song “An Apple for the Teacher” sung by Bing Crosby for the film “The Star Maker”. 



Somewhere along that timeline the apple also became a symbol of growth and change, which is one of the primary goals of education. What better gift for a talented, inspiring teacher than an enduring, beautiful apple for their desk (won't rot or wither, no worms...)





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