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Who is Apple Awards, what do we do and how can we help you honor and recognize achievement and loyalty to your organization and the people closest to you?

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October Thoughts

b2ap3_thumbnail_2015-10-13-12.01.57_resized.jpgOctober is the month that my thoughts are drawn to expecting cooler weather and expecting seasonal change. Because I live in a very warm climate, cooler weather means getting outside and walking more.  Then my memories go back to 2008 and the year my close cousin told me she had just discovered she had breast cancer. That was the year I got the sudden impulse to sign up for the three day Breast Cancer walk in a nearby city.  I remember thinking that there was no way I could ever raise the $2,200 to actually qualify for the walk.  I remember the shock and surprise when people began to donate and help.  I remember the new friends I met as I trained for months prior to the walk.  And I remember the field full of tents where we camped, the blisters, the crowds along the way, the final ceremony in the rain.

All of this was nothing compared to the memories my cousin had of her struggle through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  Do you have someone that the subject of breast cancer brings to your mind? Perhaps it is you?  October is awareness month and I have become aware of the television commercials about the fight against cancer.  So many people are affected by this disease that it is almost a universal fight, drawing people to lend their support to research, and to the encouragement of our survivors.  

Apple Awards is a supporter of breast cancer research, having developed the pink crystal apple award.  A percentage of proceeds from sales of the pink apple are donated to the cause.  Do you know a donor, a fund raiser, a survivor who deserves to be rewarded for their efforts?  Check the website for this beautiful piece of crystal as a lasting memorial for those October memories....  I haven't done a walk like this since.


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Summer Recognition

b2ap3_thumbnail_Facebook-20150712-090850.jpgOrganized sports may be experiencing a temporary lull. Business may be booming and too busy (tourist season) or flat and coasting (not tourist season). Even if this is the case, summer has its moments that need to be recognized and applauded, with or without an award. See if you qualify. 

10 points for each of the following: (200 total points) 


  • You took your family on vacation.
  • You went for a day or more without digital connection of any kind.
  • You endured 90 degrees temps without AC for two or more hours without saying “I'm so hot.”
  • You have eaten half a watermelon in one sitting.
  • You have tried a new summer sport or activity.
  • You watched fireworks on the 4th (July, of course).
  • You have gotten a shorter haircut.
  • You have worn shorts or a bathing suit more than ten times.
  • You have been in a boat.
  • You have watched an early sunrise.
  • You have watched a late sunset.
  • You have had a long, relaxed conversation with a family member.
  • You have read a book.
  • You have washed your athletic shoes (they should need it!)
  • You aren't counting the days until school starts.
  • Your weight has stayed steady, or decreased.
  • You have beach sand in your car.
  • You have eaten an ice cream cone (doesn't count if in a dish)
  • You have taken a picture of the most gorgeous flowers you've ever seen.
  • You have been outside and completely wet (rain, pool, lake, doesn't matter) 


So how did you do?

Less than 50      Hey, it's summer already! Get going.

50 – 100             Better. You're trying, but don't brag.

110-150             You're having a pretty good summer, and still have a month and a half left

Above 150          You rock! There should be an award with your name on it, seriously!





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Movie Time


School has been in session for several weeks already and teachers and students are settling into their routines.  Thinking of this cyclical process, oddly, made my mind go to stories of teachers I remembered from movies.  My list was not very long, but knowing there had to be more I did an internet search for top teacher movies.  From a couple different lists, I'm going to give you some ideas for that inspirational movie night. Most, if not all of them, present the challenges of teaching, the flexibility and creativity that is needed, and the rewards that come from dedication and persistence in the classroom.

Since I have not watched all of these films you are encouraged to check reviews to make sure they are suitable for your audience.   

October Sky PG-13

School of Rock PG-13

Lean on Me PG-13

Remember the Titans PG

Mr. Holland's Opus PG

Stand and Deliver PG

Dead Poets Society PG

Goodbye Mr. Chips G

Conrack PG

Freedom Writers PG-13

The Great Debaters PG-13

Half Nelson R

Teachers R

Dangerous Minds R

Up the Down Staircase R

To Be and To Have (no rating)

To Sir With Love (no rating))

Blackboard Jungle (no rating)

The Miracle Worker (no rating)

Movies about education and the classroom are always going to highlight the exchange of knowledge and ideas between generations.  School is one place where young people explore the world they are growing into with it's social and cultural issues, as well as it's physical facts. The interactions that students have with teachers are so influential.  

Have you watched any of these movies? Do you have one to add to the list?  What is your favorite? 

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