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Lighting the Way


I've had a love of lighthouses for years.  I know it's a common obsession that many people have.  Souvenir shops anywhere near water have lighthouse books, pictures, figures, night lights, calendars, you name it...  I'm not quite that bad, having only six or seven collectibles on that theme that I treasure for one reason or another. Most of my fascination with lighthouses is the underlying message that they stand for, that of caring enough to warn.  There are many known dangers in our world and we have a desperate need for lighthouses of all kinds, not just those on the water. To me, lighthouses stand for that larger picture.20150705_133045

Lately I was able to visit the Alki Point Lighthouse.  It's in Seattle and I've tried to tour it before but was never there on the right day.  Tours are on the weekends between 10 am and 3:30 pm, whenever a group collects, and on my most recent visit I was able to connect with one.  The lighthouse is fully automated now, even to the changing of light bulbs, but the tours are conducted by a small cadre of Coast Guard Auxiliary who proudly usher people around and explain the historical aspects.

Alki Point juts out from West Seattle into Puget Sound near shipping lanes and early on the need was discovered to have a warning there.  It started with one landowner who decided to hang a lantern on a pole each night - probably got tired of cleaning up his beach after shipwrecks.  The land was eventually purchased by the government.  As the story goes the price was $9,999.99, the amount that could be spent without legislative approval at that time.  The property now has two residences that house Coast Guard officials and their families, the lighthouse and small storage buildings.  It is fenced with a security system.


At Apple Awards the lighthouse principle and spirit is recognized in a special way.  Having a collection of clip art and award products on which that clip art can be engraved, Apple Awards makes it easy to customize the perfect lighthouse recognition product for the business person, mentor or teacher who has been there to light the way.  Click the image below for details on this award.

crystal round award 16D.jpg 

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Tag, You're You!

You are you, and there are many places where people need to know who you are and what you do.  Enter name tags.  I have a drawer full of them to prove my point.  Almost every communal activity these days either provides a name tag for it's members or gives them a paper sticky tag (hate those things...) I have ones from several different workplaces, a couple of churches, a women's study group, and some schools. These name tags come from lots of different places but it's hard to match the variety of materials, fonts and fasteners that you can find at Apple Awards.  





Just remember, no matter where you are or what you are doing, BE YOURSELF.


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