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Let's Color

Today on my other blog ( I went on and on about color and how awesome it is and how it refreshes me.  Then I realized, EVERYBODY loves color, not just me.  And what is one of the first things kids get good at? Well, it's pushing buttons on cell phones and video games but it used to be coloring.  We love color and the special meaning colors take for themselves.  Green and gold for the Packers, red, white and blue for the flag, camo for our troops... you probably remember your high school colors too, don't you?  Mine were gold and black.  (Yes black qualifies as a color, so does white.)

Apple Awards thinks color is important too.  Evidence, the new line of bell awards with colored handles.  Take a look.  


These lovely colors are yours for the asking on handles of all sizes of bell awards.  Whether it's a school color or just a personal preference, the Apple team will be happy to wrap it up for you. And you will be tickled pink... or blue, or green, or red, or gold, or, or, or...

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Ring Them In

Bells have been used to summon people to gather together in many historical settings.  As early as the 8th century BC there are depictions of bells in ancient Chinese tablets.  And the oldest bells around today date back to the 5th century BC.  In the early years of our country (and others) bells were common on churches and schools and were used to rally townspeople for meetings of all kinds and even for emergencies.  Think of our famous Liberty Bell.  Their sound carried far and could be heard by those working outside as well as in buildings.  How else might you alert an entire community before the advent of telephone, or electric amplification? The bells had it.  For a very interesting history from a bell manufacturer click here

Bells are considered percussion instruments and can be made of many different materials, from clay to wood, glass or metal.  Their size and structure can be changed to give them a variety of pitches and sounds.  If you have ever heard a performance by a good hand bell choir, you will know that they are beautiful sounding instruments.  

As mentioned, bells are associated with schools and education both past and present.  They signal not only the start of the school day but also recess and dismissal so they are considered symbols of freedom from the classroom.  The school bell, if large, was hung in a belfry on top of the building or mounted on the side of the building or in the schoolyard.  Teachers often had a smaller hand bell on their desk, such as the ones pictured below.  They have become symbols of freedom also for retiring educators, memorializing their years of service.  

These brass bells from Apple Awards can be personalized and make a quality gift that will be treasured. Unlike the largest known bell which resides in Moscow and weighs 440,000 lbs. these bells are easily packaged and shipped to you at a reasonable cost.  


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